Revoni Mens Black Woven Leather Rose Gold Plated Steel Bracelet by Rev...
£198.00 £41.85
Revoni Stainless Steel Mens Bracelet With Cable Design And 18 Karat Go...
£250.00 £75.00
Revoni Sleek Mens Stainless Steel Bracelet With 18 Karat Gold Rivets f...
£290.00 £87.00
Konov Jewellery Leather Stainless Steel Double Dragon Mens Bracelet, C...
£119.99 £29.99
Mens Dark Brown Leather Bracelet With Stainless Steel Clasp 40cm + Bla...
£34.99 £7.50
MunkiMix Alloy Genuine Leather Bracelet Bangle Rope Brown Gold Braided...
£13.00 £0.99
MunkiMix Stainless Steel Bracelet Link Gold Greek Men by MunkiMix
£20.00 £1.99
AmDxd Jewelry Titanium Steel 18K Rose-Gold-Plated Women's/Men's Fashio...
£67.93 £35.96

Gold, silver and steel bracelets for men

If you are looking for mens bracelets, then you are at the right place,!

Bracelets have been worn by men and women since before 5000BC with early ones conveying spiritual or religious beliefs and often made of bones, wood, stone and/or teeth. The term bracelet originally comes from the Latin “brachile” and Old French “barcel” which translates to “of the arm”.

Bracelets are becoming ever more popular for today’s modern man. Not content with an earring or chain, men are choosing bracelets as the ultimate power statement, whether it's concealed beneath a work shirt, casual jumper or glimmering at the wrist of a toned forearm!

Mens Bracelets come in many different shapes, sizes and materials including precious metals such as gold and silver, plastic or silicone, leather, cloth and thin rope, so there's plenty to choose from here with separate pages dedicated to Gold Bracelets, Silver Bracelets and Steel Bracelets. You can browse through the vast selection without the inconvenience of visiting dozens of jewellery stores, as whether your fashion preferences are with the traditional look, or a more modern image you are sure to find something.

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